(Statistics for 2010)

On average, more than 55 verifications were conducted by the program each month and totalled over 650 for the year. This is approximately 35% of all persons who appeared in the bail courts at 200 Frederick Street , Kitchener . Of persons verified by the program, 10% were released to a surety or on their own recognizance. It was determined that they required neither bail program supervision nor detention.

On any given day 157-197 people were under supervised release with the Bail Program from our Kitchener and Cambridge offices. A full 99.3% of scheduled court appearances were attended by persons who completed with the program during the year. At trial, 20.3% of people supervised had all charges withdrawn or were found not guilty. Therefore, these people were not detained in custody unnecessarily while awaiting trial.

In the interests of public safety, failure to comply with conditions of release is reported and a warrant is issued. In 2010, 10% of clients whose cases were closed had been breached by the bail program.